Mercury Hardware Data Sheets

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Boasting a 23-year legacy, Mercury is the most widely installed open platform access control hardware in the marketplace.  Its hardware is installed by the largest companies in the world and is host to the largest access systems in the world. Mercury is used by more than 20 manufacturers and is the leader in delivering today’s highest quality, most innovative and cost-effective hardware that flexibly meets the most demanding facility security applications. From one door to thousands, Mercury open hardware is the most secure choice you can make.

With Mercury inside, your investment is always protected with BluBØX’s open platform.  As new technology emerges an open platform will give you the best chance of being able to take advantage of it.

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Mercury EP1501 Intelligent Controller

Mercury EP1502 Intelligent Controller

Mercury EP2500 Intelligent Controller

Mercury EP4502 Intelligent Controller

Mercury MR50 Serial I/O Controller

Mercury MR51e Serial I/O Controller

Mercury MR52 Serial I/O Controller

Mercury MR16IN Serial I/O Controller

Mercury MR16OUT Serial I/O Controller

Mercury MUX8 Multiplexers

Mercury MRDT Reader


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