Open IP access control hardware

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  • Authentic Mercury open hardware platform
  • Plug and play IP access control
  • Available in kits, panels or single boards
  • 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16 portal configurations
  • Door, turnstile and elevator solutions
  • Optional integrated access and lock power
  • POE Controllers for installations at the “edge”
  • Software-only upgrade of any of the 20-plus Mercury-based security systems


Board swap M5 CASI conversions

  • Escape the proprietary security hardware cage
  • Smooth transition from proprietary CASI hardware to open platform BluBØX hardware
  • Board replacement of CASI hardware without rewiring
  • Substitution of CASI Picture Perfect software with BluSKY software to manage the new system
  • Automatic Picture Perfect to BluSKY database conversion tool
  • Picture Perfect to BluSKY configuration and monitoring tool to support system conversions occurring over a period of time

Web-based control and monitoring of portals and elevators from anywhere

  • Real time single point or group status and control from any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Perform lock, unlock, release, timed release, schedule, credential access and simulated swipe functions
  • Provide Photo Verification of any portal
  • View real time events
  • Control a few portals in a single facility or thousands of portals across many facilities
  • Control relay-based elevators
  • Control elevator destination dispatch systems

Flexible system creation tools

  • Build a system component by component
  • Copy from an existing system
  • Copy from a predefined template
  • Upload from spreadsheet
  • Specify with parameters

Dashboard-style configuration

  • “At-a-Glance” view of important parameters
  • Single-click access to configuration controls
  • Configure from any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Commission or troubleshoot at the security point with a smartphone or tablet

Predefined schedules and holidays

  • Flexible schedule definitions
  • Multiple intervals with up to one minute granularity
  • Most commonly-used schedules are predefined
  • Build custom schedules for those that aren’t predefined
  • Most commonly-observed holidays are predefined
  • Holiday dates automatically reloaded each year
  • Select an access schedule for each holiday or globally apply one schedule

Simplified credential management

  • Internal, external and card serial numbers are pre-loaded
  • System provides four flexible methods to enroll a credential
  • Includes integrated photo-ID badging with predefined badge templates and custom badge design tool
  • Easily add and subtract credential attributes
  • System shows all cards in use and all badge upload files for each customer


DIY identity and credential management

  • Simple UI that ANYONE can use
  • Tenants in a multi-tenant building can easily administer their own people database
  • Multi-system, multi-site, multi-tenant, person, permission, credential, access and badge management from one UI
  • Unified management of multiple credentials – cards, mobile credentials, BluREMOTE, PINs, QR/Barcodes, Biometrics – *Base Building Notification
  • Global card format administration
  • HID Bluetooth mobile credential integration – eliminates redundant data entry in HID portal
  • Unlimited User Defined Fields (UDFs)
  • Unified Photo ID Badging – Users can also take their own badge photos on their phone for greater efficiency
  • Users can mange their own preferences for greater efficiency
  • Every change to a user record is captured in detail and audited

Role-based security management

  • Predefined and custom role creation
  • Single-click assignment of permissions, access rights, and badge templates
  • Person based assignment of access rights and badge templates
  • Automated role assignment for imported personnel records

Unified alarm, video, and visitor applications – everywhere

  • One database, one user experience, all web-based applications
  • Automatic association of alarm, video, and visitor data with every access event
  • Integrated real-time control, monitoring and response
  • Graphical map and locations user interface

Biometric Person Reader management

  • No biometric double data entry
  • Each user can have multiple credentials
  • Enroll at any Person Reader using a mobile device or computer
  • Automatic verification of enrollment or de-enrollment


Multi-tenant and multi-facility administration

  • The most efficient and secure way to manage multi-tenant and multi-facility physical security
  • Manage all systems in all facilities from a single interface on any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Tenants in a multi-tenant facility can manage their own company’s personnel databases, take pictures, issue credentials and run reports
  • One personnel database can be used to drive both tenant security and base building security
  • Eliminates double data entry and security loopholes


Tenant benefits

  • DIY Security – people, photos, access, visitors, reports
  • Credential Integration – one credential for base building and tenan space
  • Controlled Mobile Credential Integration – relief from credential administration
  • BluB0X Tenant Owned Security System – one database to administer – 10% tenant discount
  • Security System Integration – SSO and database integration using BluSKY open API, SCIM, Active Directory
  • Tenant Engagement App Integration
  • AI, Dashboard and Analytics option for tenants

Access control reporting and analytics

  • 15 standard access control reports
  • Customizable input parameters
  • Predefined and customizable dashlets and dashboards
  • Subscription based report automation
  • PDF and Excel output
  • Many graphs and charts
  • Provides key access analytics


Enterprise features

  • Advanced groups
  • Global editing
  • Global reporting and analytics
  • Policy based access control
  • Automated audits
  • Credential inactivity
  • Access rights
  • Legacy system migration