Intuitive. Effective. Trusted.

BluBØX provides hardware and software for a complete end-to-end and integrated out-of-the-box security solution for any size customer in any vertical.

At its core, BluBØX products provide Access Control, Alarm/Intrusion, Visitor/Vendor Management, Video, Relay Elevator, Destination Dispatch Elevator, Biometrics, Intercom, Power Management, and System Health.

BluCHIP Hardware is non-proprietary and open, installed and supported by any qualified reseller. All systems are plug and play and IP-based. The hardware components include HID’s Mercury Controllers and LifeSafety Power enclosures (available individually or as kits). It also includes a line of Person Readers, Destination Dispatch Processors, Cameras, Video, and video Analytics Processors. It supports third-party devices such as card and biometric readers, wireless locks, cameras, and alarms. All BluChip Hardware is designed to be monitored 24/7 by the BluSKY Health System. BluCHIP Hardware can either be purchased one-time upfront or overtime as-a-service.

  • BluSKY Platform EXPLORE

    A simple yet powerful web-based hosted security software platform that unifies all major security applications and works with any browser on any device, anywhere, anytime.

  • BluCHIP Hardware EXPLORE

    Open, IP-based security hardware using tried and true Authentic Mercury components and the industry’s first person reader that replaces cards and card readers altogether. More convenient, more secure, easy to install and reliable.

  • Access EXPLORE

    Get simplified security and enterprise capabilities with open IP access control featuring multi-system, multi-facility and multi-tenant administration, real time control and events of portals and elevators and integrated biometrics.

  • Alarms EXPLORE

    Know you’re secure with open IP alarm management and intrusion detection using embedded Mercury I/O and featuring virtual keypad control from anywhere and real time notification of alarm events to a central station, email or text.

  • Person Reader EXPLORE

    A multi-biometric, multi-factor replacement for card readers and cards. The Person Reader is the fastest and most accurate way to grant you access through a portal without credentials. It is simple and natural to use. Just look and be recognized.

  • Video EXPLORE

    See that you’re secure with Milestone based video management in the cloud (BluMILE) and on premises (BluSTONE) providing unified video, access, alarm and visitor events and robust local and long-term cloud storage of the most important video.

  • Visitor EXPLORE

    The fastest and most secure way to process guests into any facility using multi-system, multi-facility and multi-tenant preauthorization, real time visitor and kiosk processing, watch list checking and access control unification.

  • Elevator/DDS EXPLORE

    Secure your vertical travel for permanent users and guests with unified elevator relay and Destination Dispatch System integration with all 5 major Elevator manufacturers; Otis, Schindler, TKE, KONE and Mitsubishi.

  • Casi Conversion EXPLORE

    Converting your CASI system to the BluBØX Security 4.0 system is Easy and Low-Cost. Simply swap out your CASI boards to the open platform Mercury boards and connect to the BluBØX Cloud. No software to install or screwdriver to turn.

  • Reporting and Analytics EXPLORE

    Report on your security data and analytics across all applications with predefined tabular and graphical reports via on screen, PDF, Excel or email. View dashlets and dashboards for real time information and situational awareness.