The BluBØX Cloud.

Choose BluBØX Cloud for your security needs and you choose the team of experts that built the cloud security industry. Since 1999, our expertise has shaped cloud security technology and solutions. And we continue to do so today.

BluBØX’s Cloud architecture makes anything possible. With unlimited computing power, storage and scalability and more advanced capabilities than any other traditional system.

BluBØX Cloud means less equipment, less maintenance hassle, built-in redundancy, high availability, and data protection of multiple SSAE 16 data centers. All for a fraction of the cost of a traditional system.

Explore the Benefits

Do more with cloud architecture.

The BluBØX Cloud gives you much more than legacy on-premises client/server architecture. You get more horsepower to do more things. With the BluBØX Cloud, you get data center grade computers with unlimited power and storage for things like analytics, situational awareness, and machine intelligence. You can communicate and collaborate with the world and access your security system 24/7 with any device, anywhere at any time. You are always using the best software and you never miss a beat.

Own less of everything.

Owning technology is not a great investment. It is obsolete from the minute you buy it, it’s expensive to maintain, you have to spend money to constantly replace it and it’s a headache when it fails. The secret is to own less of everything. The BluBØX Cloud architecture eliminates the need to install on-premises servers, dedicated client stations, network video recorders and the associated peripherals such as monitors, UPSs, KVMs, etc.  The result is lower initial and ongoing costs, less maintenance, less headaches and no replacement of equipment every few years.

Protect Yourself Against Disaster.

Don’t ever get caught again without a backup or at the mercy of a server crash. The BluBØX Cloud architecture and virtualized environment provides full hardware, software, database, and storage redundancy through multiple geographically disperse locations.  It is protected from natural disasters, equipment failure, poor environments and backup failure.

Get better software. More Often. Automatically.

The BluBØX system provides automatic software upgrades and 100% distribution to all users.  All customers are always using the best software we have to offer and receive 10x more upgrades than client server architecture systems.

Secure Your Data.

The security threat and landscape changes every second of every day and it is more diverse and sophisticated than ever before. Physical, cyber, IP, virus and ransom attacks are more and more prevalent.  It is no longer safe to sit behind closed doors running legacy hardware and software and hope that nothing happens. By contrast, the BluBØX Cloud is a real time, ever-evolving risk mitigation platform that is protected 24/7 against Cyber Security attacks by Microsoft through a combination of 24/7 monitoring, IPS systems, penetration testing and best practices.  BluBØX also does its own penetration testing on its application software with every new major release. The connection between on-premises hardware and the BluBØX Cloud is secured through TLS as is the connection from the Users browser to the BluBØX Cloud.

Operate efficiently.

The more efficient you can operate the more money you will save and the better you will perform. The BluBØX Cloud architecture increases all areas of efficiency when it comes to security. It is a platform designed for sharing information. A platform for our Do-It-Yourself generation that used to using their mobile device to get quick answers, reacting and responding to a fast paced every changing world. By instantly putting control in the hands of people that can take action on it and allowing people to use any device without the need for software the BluBØX Cloud enables both Security and Convenience.