Open platform IP visitor hardware.

  • Use any mobile device or computer
  • Use any standard badge printer, web camera or scanner
  • Use a Person Reader for credential-less processing
  • Use the built-in camera in smartphones and tablets
  • Use any internet connection – wired, wireless or cellular
  • Use any standard browser

Simplified system deployment. Easy as 1,2,3.

  • Very little configuration and no software installation required
  • Easily import users or use the access control database for visitor processing
  • Select predesigned or create custom badge template(s) for any type of visitor
  • Easily distribute login credentials to users for visitor preauthorization
  • No end user training required
  • Integrates with BluBØX access control system out-of-the-BØX

Visitor Preauthorization.

  • Preauthorize visitors anywhere, anytime using any device
  • Make single, multiple or large group visitor requests
  • Make requests on behalf of other people
  • Select visitor(s) from frequent visitor list
  • Import large visitor groups from a spreadsheet
  • Set up recurring visitor requests
  • Allow multiple day visits with one request
  • Automatically check visitor requests against Watch List, Predator and 3rd Party databases
  • Select visitor access templates when using access control integration
  • Send visitors a PIN or credential ahead of their visit

Visitor Processing.

  • Process visitors in less than 15 seconds
  • Use quick search for preauthorized visitor retrieval
  • Scan visitor credentials to minimize typing
  • Processing groups of visitors using special group functionality
  • Use mobile devices or webcams to capture visitor photos, license plates, vehicles or other assets
  • Add unannounced visitors on the fly
  • Quickly find host information for calling or verification
  • Automatically check visitor requests against Watch List
  • Print different badge templates based on visitor type
  • Automatically email host upon visitor arrival
  • Replace sign-in sheets with reception visitor functions
  • Use check out feature for tighter security

Watch list, Predator and Third party database integration.

  • Automatically vet every visitor and vendor against a Watch List in the background
  • Specify Watch Lists by occupancy and facility
  • Integrates with Predator and third-party databases
  • Import photos and other key information
  • Automatically create Watch List records from terminated person records
  • Specify distribution lists for notification
  • Provides silent notifications

Access control integration. One and done.

  • Issue access badges to visitors in real time
  • Use proximity or barcode badges
  • Update the access control system in real time
  • Use Person Readers for credential-less access control

Person Reader visitor processing. No credentials required.

  • Biometric visitor processing
  • No credentials needed
  • Easy visitor registration enrollment
  • Enroll once – use multiple times
  • Germ free – fast – easy – secure

Vendor management. Don’t leave the back door open.

  • Specify vendors and their services
  • Provide full vendor contact information
  • Manage vendor employees and access rights
  • Manage approved vendor list and status
  • Manage Certificate of Insurance (COI) status
  • Process vendors like visitors
  • Capture vehicles and/or vehicle license plates
  • See vendor and COI status at point of processing

Self check-in kiosks. High efficiency processing.

  • Automate visitor processing
  • Reduce visitor staffing requirements
  • Accelerate visitor processing for repeat visitors
  • Provide biometric enrollment

Visitor reporting and analytics.

  • Report on visitors by the time of day
  • Report on large groups
  • Report on peak visitor traffic
  • Provide visitor counts analytics
  • Provide peak visitor analysis
  • Provide unusual number of visitors
  • Provide visitor processing statistics

Enterprise features.

  • Preauthorization of visitors from another location
  • Compliance and regulatory reporting
  • HR integration – SAP, PeopleSoft
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO)