The most effective IoT and security system available built by the cloud security experts

When you choose BluSKY for your security needs you are joining the team of experts that actually built the cloud security industry. Since 1999, our team’s expertise has defined cloud security technology and solutions. We continue to do so today.

The BluSKY Cloud keeps data safe and applications up to date. Protects against cyber attacks and provides business continuity, automatic backups, and automatic software upgrades. BluSKY is the most effective IoT and security system available and the only platform you need.

BluSKY Cloud Architecture makes anything possible. With unlimited computing power, storage and scalability – BluSKY provides more advanced capabilities than any other traditional system.

BluSKY means less equipment, less maintenance hassle, built-in redundancy, high availability, and data protection of multiple SSAE 16 data centers. All for a fraction of the cost of a traditional system.

Multiple, geo-redundant world-class data centers
24-7 cyber security and data protection
Database backups every few minutes
Double layer of support – Integrator and Manufacturer
Automatic software upgrades
24/7 Support
System health monitoring
Built-in remote diagnostics
Unlimited remote support
Advanced replacement of failed equipment
Optional equipment replacement every 6 years

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Key Benefits

82% of organizations benefit every day from using the Cloud. What are you waiting for?


Do more with BluSKY cloud architecture

Cloud architecture will take you there. And beyond.

  • Unlimited computing power and scalability
  • Unlimited storage, big data analytics and machine intelligence
  • Unparalleled communication and collaboration
  • Access 24/7 with any device, any where, any time
  • Automatic firmware and software upgrades

Client-server architecture will never get you there.

  • Limited computing power, limited capabilities
  • Limited storage expansion
  • Expensive hardware replacements and upgrades
  • Closed system, limited access, limited usage
  • Upgrade and service nightmare

Own less of everything

The Cloud keeps it simple. And saves a bundle.

  • No onsite servers, PCs, storage or software
  • Lower initial cost
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Less maintenance and fewer headaches

Client-Server architecture is a pain. And costs a lot.

  • More onsite hardware and software
  • Higher installation costs
  • More maintenance fees
  • More headaches

Protect yourself against disaster

The Cloud has you covered.

  • SSAE 16 certified data centers
  • Full server and storage redundancy and high availability
  • Automatic backups
  • Built in disaster recovery
  • Better data protection

The server crash nightmare.

  • Buy a new server
  • Load security software and rebuild security system
  • Recreate databases
  • Take everyone’s picture again
  • Print and reissue access cards

Get better software. More often. Automatically.

Software-as-a-Service. The intelligent approach.

  • Everyone always uses the current version
  • Upgrades are automatic and seamless
  • Four times more upgrades per year
  • Quick bug fixes
  • Two times faster support

Client-Server software is plagued with problems.

  • Users run outdated software
  • Upgrades are risky, time consuming and inconvenient
  • Generally only one software release per year
  • Bug fixes are slow to appear
  • Difficult and expensive to support

Secure your data

The Cloud provides the best practices for your data security.

  • Strong password and biometric protections
  • 256 bit encryption to the core
  • Offsite and off-network data storage
  • SSAE 16 redundant data centers
  • Continuous monitoring, assessment and response

Data residing on an internal network is vulnerable.

  • Passwords are shared, weak and compromised
  • Data and databases are unencrypted
  • “Insiders” have more access and less controls
  • Limited or no redundancy
  • Limited resources to monitor and protect

Operate efficiently

The Cloud’s modern architecture is user friendly and agile.

  • Manage many facilities from anywhere, with any device at any time
  • Aggregate situational awareness and collaborate across facilities
  • Allow tenants to manage their own data and reports
  • Minimized visitor lines with preauthorized visitors
  • Automate delivery of notifications, analytics and smart reporting

Client-Server’s dated architecture is limited and complicated.

  • Designed for only one customer on a corporate network
  • Sharing data across networks is diffcult and risky
  • Can’t share in administration and reporting work
  • Long visitor lines caused by ad hoc visitors
  • Automated delivery is usually not an option