The BluBØX Person Reader.

With the Person Reader you ARE the key. It is a fast and accurate way to grant you access through a portal without credentials. The Person Reader is a more secure and convenient replacement for card readers and cards and can be used anywhere you would use traditional access control. Use the Person Readers to complement card readers or replace them altogether. Person Readers are simple and natural to use. Just look and be recognized. The Person Reader is patent pending.

Key Benefits

You are not as secure as you think.
Admit the person, not the card.

Biometric identification is the new security standard.

  • 87 %

    People favor using biometrics for security purposes.

  • 74 %

    By 2018, the majority of personal devices will be using biometric identification.

Nobody likes cards. Let’s get rid of them.

Save on these typical card costs:

  • Four dollars for a Proximity Card
  • Eight dollars for a Smart Card
  • Twelve dollars for a Multi-Technology Card

No card compatibility issues.

  • Avoid multiple card format issues
  • Avoid multiple reader formats
  • Avoid changing technology

No forgotten, lost or broken cards.

  • Three percent of cards are forgotten daily
  • Eight percent of cards are lost annually
  • Five percent of cards are broken annually

No time wasted on card management.

  • No inventory and distribution hassles
  • No need to set up appointments
  • No need to print and issue cards

More secure than you are today.


The Person Reader is secure and more capable.

  • Admits the person, not the card they are carrying
  • Recognizes people that should NOT be admitted
  • Stores a picture of every person admitted or attempted
  • Very robust and accurate
  • Self-learning
  • Recognizes visitors
  • Can provide other security functions that card readers can not

Cards and card readers are not secure.

  • Admits the card and sometimes the wrong person
  • Cards are forgotten, loaned and passed every day
  • No proof of presence
  • Records are inaccurate
  • No built-in intelligence
  • Visitors are problematic
  • Single capability device

More convenient than any other technology.

Never forget your key.

You ARE the key.

Disability friendly.

From wheelchair height on up. No positioning required.

Hands free.

No card to carry. Ever.

Manage guests.

Use biometrics, temporary PIN or mobile visitor intercom.

More capable than any other reader.

The Person Reader




Be recognized by simply looking at it.


Identities are confirmed in less than a second.


Four-factor authentication (not including credential or PIN)


Starting at $1200 MSRP


IP, PoE, Wireless, Bluetooth 4.0, RFID, Wiegand

Great for tenants and multi-tenant facilities.


  • Unauthorized access
  • The need for anti pass-back
  • Large repetitive cost of cards
  • Administrative burden of issuing cards
  • Forgotten, lost or broken cards
  • Carrying two cards
  • Card compatibility issues
  • Visitor and vendor passes