June 4, 2024

Visit BluB0X at AIA24 from June 5-8

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Visit BluB0X at AIA24 from June 5-8 – https://conferenceonarchitecture.com/aia24-expo/ – at Gunnebo booth #1522 and meet James St. Pierre, Director of Sales. Security 5.0 has arrived! Learn more about the Building Oracle, DDE Elevator Terminals, and our Elevator Management System (EMS). Future -Proof Your Security with BluB0X AI.

Eliminate Ghost Calls: Streamlined elevator operations with no unnecessary stops.

Boost Efficiency: Elevators that are 25% more efficient. 

Hands-Free Access: Effortless passage through turnstiles, perfect for busy hours.

Automatic Photo ID Management: Keep your Photo ID database up-to-date effortlessly.

Seamless Experience: Transform wait time into walk time with a smooth transition from turnstile to elevator.

This is your opportunity to explore the most advanced solutions for integrating security and vertical transportation in any building. Don’t miss out!