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Security issues don’t always arise when it’s convenient for you. They can hit you whether you are at home, in the office, or on the go. But with True Mobile Security you can be alerted remotely on any mobile device and connect, respond, and control. All you need is the internet and a browser to access your entire security system with 100% functionality. Any device, anywhere, any time, any browser. That’s True Mobile Security.

Key Benefits


We live a mobile life.

Shouldn’t your security? – H2

Security for the way you live. - H3

The growth rate of mobile devices continues to be exponential. We have our mobile devices with us 24 hours a day. They are responsible for more internet traffic than all the computers in the world combined. We use them for everything from looking up information to making a reservation – from online banking to tracking our flight. We expect our mobile devices to do everything – including physical security. Now you can with BluBØX’s True Mobile Security.

3.2X Population Growth

The Growth of Mobile Devices is Exponential

73% by 2018

Vast Majority of US Carries Smartphones

This is True Mobile Security. - H2

Any Device

Any Where

Any Time

Any Browser

Web-Cloud apps provide 100% functionality.
Mobile apps do not. –  H2

For sophisticated security you need sophisticated apps – that means Web-Cloud apps, not mobile apps. Mobile apps work for simple applications, but for 100% security system functionality that requires significant computing power and a large integrated database – BluBØX Web-Cloud apps are the way to go.

1-5_Security-Mobile_set-05Mobile Apps – H3

  • Additional costs
  • Different interfaces
  • Low system capability
  • Software updates required
  • Limited processing power
  • Deployment risks
  • IT policy restrictions
  • Device incompatibility issues

1-5_Security-Mobile_set-06BluBØX Web-Cloud Apps – H3

  • No additional cost
  • Same web interface on all devices
  • 100% system capability
  • No software updates required
  • Unlimited cloud computing power
  • Nothing to deploy
  • Nothing to manage
  • No device incompatibilities

A smooth mobile experience is critical. – H2

A powerful user experience is based in an understanding of the opportunities and constraints of the device. From touchscreens to small-format screens, and from desktops and laptops – our responsive web app development ensures that our content scales and adapts to all your devices. Our Mobile First and Responsive Design means a great user experience no matter where you are or what device you are using.

1-5_Security-Mobile_set-07Mobile First – H3

  • Simplified user experience across all devices
  • Shows only what is most important
  • Applications work on mobile and touch devices


1-5_Security-Mobile_set-08Responsive Design – H3

  • User interface adapts to the device and its resolution
  • Same user interface across all devices
  • Less training required


Untethered capabilities. – H2