BluBØX Artificial Intelligence

Evolve to the next level of physical security with BluBØX Artificial Intelligence and make sense of the data that originates from all your systems simultaneously and instantly. Using a combination of automation, big data analytics, self-learning and adaptive rule-based decisions, BluBØX is the only physical security manufacturer in the world that can provide you with more consistent and efficient security with real-time situational awareness and control. All the time. From any device. Anywhere.

Explore the Benefits

Intelligent analytics.

The next generation of sensors and informational analytics is at the heart of delivering BluBØX’s unique capabilities in situational awareness and the resulting rule-based decisions. BluBØX Intelligent Analytics discovers patterns in your data that are difficult to detect – then distills, summarizes and reports them as digestible and actionable intelligence. BluBØX Intelligent Analytics are hierarchical in nature, fusing big data across all applications to deliver the highest levels of performance, analytics, awareness and control. Analytics such as detecting, characterizing, and reporting unusual events, recognizing automated patterns, determining correlations and trends, and providing meta-data reports to be viewed on dashboards and dashlets turning data into useful information you need, when you need it.

Situational awareness.

Awareness is two-fold. Internally, it allows the system to respond to the current situation as required. And externally, it supplies the user with an integrated situational summary, using textual and graphical descriptors of what is going on in the designated area of interest and at the requested level of detail. Ultimately an end user is interested in what is going on in and around their facility of interest – not the real-time details. Cameras, readers and alarms are just sensors that provide good measurements. Inundating users with countless video and event data streams is inefficient and impossible for people to process. Instead, we boil down all the data into information and knowledge using analytics. It is then packaged, formatted and distributed to either the internal or external user.

Rule-based decisions.

All requested system conditions, either externally or internally generated, prompt the necessary actions through the BluBØX Rule-Based Decision Process employing Expert Systems, Neural Nets, and Fuzzy Logic as appropriate. Directed actions could range from unlocking an access portal, to Status Report generation and delivery, to new person enrollment, to system re-configuration, all checked to insure accuracy and completion; from anywhere, at any time and with any device.

Self learning adaptation.

BluBØX learns from your system’s data and improves its performance over time. It is constantly self-improving, self-configuring, self-monitoring, self-assessing, self-healing, and self-documenting. It finds patterns, detects anomalies, adapts its structure, processes and self-assesses performance to create and maintain a more secure environment.

Automated consistency.

BluBØX automation is designed to efficiently minimize definable and repetitive tasks such as setting up and configuring a system, notifications and reminders, information distribution, reports, system documentation, and fault tolerance. It is woven into every aspect of the security system, saving time, labor and improving quality, accuracy and consistency through a web based user-friendly interface. The result – a security system that is fast, efficient and trusted.