Where does BluSKY come from?

Every industry goes through natural technology cycles of evolution and sometimes revolution. Each cycle can be defined by the introduction of disruptive technology that causes a fundamental advancement in the industry. Take the music industry for example – it has gone through seven technology cycles. First there was live music, then records, 8- Track tapes, cassettes, CDs, MP3s/iPods, now Cloud-based AI streaming music. In each cycle new technology replaced old technology with its superior features, benefits and opportunities. We generally move to the next technological generation when the cost and benefits outweigh the current technology. The physical security industry is no different. Take a walk through history with us below to see how we got here and learn more about the nine key elements that are the foundation of BluSKY.

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  • Mainframe / No Network
  • Mainframes
  • Mag Stripe
  • DOS / Basic / Programs
  • Proprietary HW
  • Data
  • VCR


Since the 70’s we have seen three generations of disruptive technology cycles.


  • Client-Server / Ethernet
  • Servers
  • Wiegand
  • Windows / C / Applications
  • Proprietary HW
  • Data / Reporting
  • DVR


Roughly every 15 years new disruptive technology eclipses and replaces old technology.


  • Data Center / Internet
  • PCs / Laptops
  • Prox / Biometric
  • Windows / .NET / Suites
  • Proprietary / Open HW
  • Information / Analytics
  • NVR


Three generations have come and gone and we are now at the dawn of the 4th technology cycle.


  • Cloud / Wireless
  • Mobile Devices
  • Multi-Factor Biometrics
  • Browser / Web / Unified
  • Open
  • Smart Systems
  • Video-as-a-Service


Security 4.0 disruptive technologies will dramatically shape the security landscape over the next 15 years.

Explore the Nine Key Elements of BluSKY


The nine key elements are the natural progression of core technology in Physical Security and form the foundation of BluSKY architecture. Each of the nine key elements has a set of fundamental benefits over current technology. These disruptive technologies are at the heart of BluBØX’s next-generation products and services and will shape the security industry for the next 15 years.

Cloud / Mobile / Biometric / Unified / Open / Smart / VaaS / Wireless / SIP

BluSKY architecture is based upon these nine key disruptive technologies that make up a modern IoT and security platform. These technologies follow the natural progression of disruptive cycles that proceeded the current generation and are aligned with the MegaTrends of our industry and technology in general.

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