October 8, 2020

Meet the Person Reader Family!

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Meet the complete Person Reader Family! We are so excited to be coming out with the next generation of readers with all new hardware and improved software!

Check out some of the key features below.


✔️ The processor now integrated into the readers for easier installations
✔️ New Intel 3D Camera – wider field of view and recognizes someone from 10 feet away.
✔️ Front-facing speakers
✔️ High-Res Touchscreen monitors
✔️ Improved water resistance design with optional shroud for outdoor installations
✔️ Custom colors and metal band finishes


✔️ Improved UI interface with custom buttons and layouts
✔️ Employee 1-day pass check-in capability
✔️ 2-way Audio/Video Intercom with the BluSKY Mobile App
✔️ Destination Dispatch Elevator Integration and Car Assignment
✔️ Destination Dispatch Default Floor Override
✔️ Emulates all Destination Dispatch Functions
✔️ Faster and more accurate deep-learning neural net

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